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Downtown, Cincinnati Ohio
Nov 17 - Jan. 10th 2022
Gee Horton: Coming of Age Chapter I – In Search of Self…Identity – Horton's inaugural solo venture into the contemporary art realm unfolded with his 2021 award-winning showcase, "Coming of Age Chapter I – In Search of Self…Identity," hosted at the esteemed Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Art Gallery in downtown Cincinnati. Through hyper-realistic charcoal and graphite portraits, Horton's exhibition beckoned viewers to delve into the intricate landscapes of modern adolescence. His immersive, multidimensional artworks not only illuminated themes of personal identity, but also addressed the objectification of the Black body, the cultural influence of contemporary media, his quest for ancestral ties, and the preservation of innocence. Through an autobiographical lens, Horton constructs an installation that engenders a rich, multilayered discourse on the journey of Black male adolescence—a quest for identity, acceptance, purpose, and love.

Virtual Exhibition – Click the play button to take the gallery tour

August 15–November 30, 2023 • Gallery 213 

Ohio Voices

With works drawn from the museum’s collections, Ohio Voices explores prints and drawings created from 1925 to the present by accomplished African American artists with Ohio connections. The exhibition also celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Donald P. Sowell Endowment Committee, a museum affiliate group established in tribute to Donald P. Sowell (1929–1989), an important Cincinnati artist and art educator. Ohio Voices recognizes the contributions of Black artists born, educated, and active in Ohio, including Nelson Stevens, Aminah Robinson, Joseph Norman, and Donald P. Sowell. It also presents works by members of Karamu Artists, Inc., a group formed in Cleveland in 1935 and funded initially through the Works Progress Administration (WPA).

Exhibited for the first time are prints and drawings by Cincinnati’s Thom E. Shaw (1947–2010), acquired by the Sowell endowment. Ohio Voices culminates with artists working in Ohio today, including Terence Hammonds, Kevin Harris, Gee Horton, Carolyn Mazloomi, and Ellen Jean Price.

July 6 - Oct 9, 2022  • Gallery 150 

Gee Horton's "Coming of Age" Series

Gee Horton’s “Coming of Age” series is a visual and thematic exploration of the complexities of African American Adolescence. Through the iconography of Contemporary culture, and Hip-hop music, he dignifies and celebrate the Black experience while addressing the vulnerability of youth in Black on Both Sides and Me Against the World. His subjects, his teenage nephew and niece, are at an age that reflects the most formative years of one’s life. He depicts the influences, cultural expectations, and dualities of what it means to be Young and Black in America. The portraits serve as a channel for Horton to reflect on his youth, becoming a modality to heal personal trauma.

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