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Take a ride with Gee—as he embarks on his journey within the Mercantile Library. Curating, developing, rendering a classical hand drawn portrait of Peter H. Clark—a 19th-century abolitionist and the library's first Black member. Here you will see the beginning stages unfold as Gee begins his work as Artist-in-Residence for the Mercantile Library located within the historical streets of downtown Cincinnati.

Videography and Photography by Shay Nartker

Gee Horton - Day 1-1043_websize.jpg
Gee Horton - Day 1-1049_websize.jpg
Gee Horton - Day 1-1122_websize.jpg
Gee Horton - Day 1-1098_websize.jpg
Gee Horton - Day 1-1069_websize.jpg
Gee Horton - Day 1-1090_websize.jpg
Gee Horton - Day 1-1051_websize.jpg
Gee Horton - Day 1-1102_websize.jpg
Gee Horton - Day 1-1095_websize.jpg
Gee Horton - Day 1-1133_websize.jpg
Gee Horton - Day 1-1116_websize.jpg
Gee Horton - Day 1-1094_websize.jpg
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