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2021 - Soapbox Cincinnati - Why cities matter now more than ever

2021 - Rhinegheist - Portrait of The artist: An interview with Gee Horton

2021 - Cincinnati Business Courier - Adopted hometown embraces exec-turned-artist...

2021 - Soapbox Cincinnati - “A Celebration of the Harlem Renaissance”...

2021 - | The Enquirer - Adopted hometown embraces exec-turned-artist...

2020 - WCPO Cincy Lifestyles - Artist Gee Horton: Connecting Community Through Art

2020 - Northern Kentucky Tribune - NKU School of the Arts launches virtual roundtable...

2020 - Americans For The Arts - P&G Continues to Make Music With Cincinnati Music Fest...

2020 - | The Enquirer - Second Sunday on Main, September 13

2020 - Cincinnati Business Courier - Kennedy Heights Arts Center to feature outdoor...

2020 - Spectrum News 1 - Cincinnati Music Festival Creates Outdoor Museum

2020 - Cincinnati Magazine - Artist Gee Horton on what it means to be unapologetically... 

2020 - ArtWorks - The Many Faces of ArtWorks: Gee Horton, Artist, Board Member

2020 - CityBeat- Mercantile Library Artist-in-Residence Gee Horton Showcases...

2020 - Cincinnati Business Courier - Art as a change agent: Cincinnati’s Black Lives Matter...

2020 - Cincinnati Refined - Self-Trained Local Artist Gee Horton's Hyperrealistic Pencil...

2020 - PBS/CET - BLM-Cincinnati Mural

2020 - | The Enquirer - Behind the Black Lives Matter mural...

2020 - CityBeat - Nonprofit Urban Consulate Hosts First Parlor Talk at The Mercantile Library

2019 - Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber - What is your vision for our future city?

2019 - ArtWorks - Artworks welcomes new board members

2019 - | The Enquirer- Gary Horton promoted to XU women's hoops...


Local exhibition celebrates the Harlem Renaissance

Lex Nycole and Gee Horton discuss the celebration of the work of these visionaries. Watch here or click this link.

FEBRUARY 23, 2021

Gee Horton: Art and Trauma

Gee Horton is a Cincinnati-based self-trained Hyperrealist visual artist who has recently transitioned from a career in the corporate world to focus primarily on making art and building communities. Using graphite and charcoal pencils, Gee's drawings capture a heightened sense of realism, but it is important to note that the Hyperrealist style is only one facet of comprehending his work. Having earned a master’s in social work from the University of Louisville, he often incorporates his education and life experiences into his art to achieve a kind of power that for many triggers' emotional associations. With this in mind, his current work makes a connection between his African roots and their juxtaposition to American attitudes on the social and emotional development of the African American male experience. Listen/watch here or click this link.

FEBRUARY 10, 2021

Saints Spotlight

In this episode of Saints Spotlight, we catch up with Gee (Garry) Horton from the class of 2006 and talk about his recent transition from executive recruiter to full time artist. Horton is artist-in-residence at the Mercantile Library in downtown Cincinnati where he is commissioned to complete a portrait of Peter H. Clark, the first African-American member of the Library. For an interview about this commission. Listen here or click this link.

AUGUST 26, 2020

The School Of Hard Knox

If you are among the few that have not yet experienced the Hyper-Realist Visual artwork of our guest, you own it to yourself to change that. Our guest this week describes himself with three words… “Artist, Creative, Connector”. His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions such as Cincinnati Music Hall, The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, and Blink 2019 Cincy. He is a self-taught visionary who has made a conscious decision to follow his passion for the arts and is creating legacy with every piece he touches. The School of Hard Knox Podcast welcomes Garry “GEE” Horton to the show! As a man that has provided a path for his passion, GEE speaks to us about life balance, the influence of success, and attaching your passion to legacy. Listen here or click this link.

JANUARY 06, 2020

Black & Brown Faces | Artists in Dialogue

Listen as Gee Horton and Russell Ihrig explore relationships between Horton’s If I Ruled The World... Imagine That! and John Quincy Adams Ward’s sculpture, The Freedman. Listen here or click this link.


Failing Forward

On episode 56, the self-taught artist shares how he developed his artistic skills, how his side hustle has influenced his career, and the burgeoning art scene in Cincinnati that’s being driven by minority artists. Plus, he shares some great tips about manifesting and aligning yourself, listen here or click this link.

MARCH, 2020

#16: "NOTHING IS WASTED" feat. GEE HortonThe School of Hard Knox
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